Tuition Fees

Alfaisal University tuition fees are:

  • Preparatory Program yearly tuition fees: SR 60,000
  • Undergraduates yearly tuition fees: SR 94,000 for all degrees
  • Graduate programs full tuition fees: SR 200,000
Note: VAT is applicable

  1. Upon receiving an Acceptance letter the student must pay an amount of SAR 5,000 as part of his/her tuition fee before classes' starts to reserve his/her seat. If there is no payment made, the student's seat maybe allocated to another student or a late payment fee of SAR 1,000 will be charged after the 2nd week of classes.
  2. The student could benefit from the flexible payment plan as explained next when he/she completes his/her enrollment requirements within the 2nd week of classes.
  • 1st installment within the 4th week of classes 33.3%
  • 2nd installment within the 8th week of classes 33.3 %
  • 3rd installment within the 12th week of classes 33.3 %
  • Installment dates/percentages may change and they are available at the Students Financial Affairs Office.
  • Number of Installments and percentages may change.
  • A late processing payment will be charged for any outstanding balance on each installment after the above weeks of classes. Each late payment fee is SAR 1,000 per installment. Failure to pay within the due dates will cause any outstanding balance due immediately.
  • Due dates are not extended nor are late payment fees waived for any reason
  • Student is expected to meet all financial obligations to the University by the appropriate due dates. For student who fails to meet his/her financial obligations promptly, the University reserves the right to place a "HOLD" on the student's record that prevents registration for future semesters, sitting for exams and the release of transcripts, as well as access to other university services. It is each student's responsibility to be informed of all registration and fee payment dates and deadlines.

  1. Check payment on tuition and fees is acceptable and should be payable to the order of “Alfaisal University.
  2. Direct deposit payment is also accepted with the following bank details, and to state the full name of the student and student ID:
  3. Bank Name: Saudi British Bank (SABB)
    Name of Account Alfaisal University
    Branch: Al Faisaliah Branch
    IBAN NO: SA39 4500 0000 1540 0011 1002
    Swift Code: SABBSARI
  4. Settlement of fees should be made in Saudi Riyals.
  5. Up-to-date schedules for registration and payment of fees are available through the Office of the Registrar.
  6. Installments dates are communicated to students on their alfaisal email, and their invoice is available via eLearning portal (Moodle)

  • Transfer of classes or exchange of courses may impact tuition level if the course credit hours are different.
  • Fees are subject to change.
  • Tuition and other fees is shown below:
Basic Fees SAR
Application fee entry (non-refundable) (UPP graduates are exempted) 500
Seat Reservation (Part of the Tuition fee) (non-refundable) 5000
Preparatory Program Tuition fee per semester (12-19 credit hours) 30,000
Preparatory Program Part-time students enrolled in 11 or fewer credit hours will pay per credit hour fees 2,500
Undergraduate Tuition fee per semester (12-19 credit hours) 47,000
Undergraduate Part-time students enrolled in 11 or fewer credit hours will pay per credit hour fees 3,917
Graduate Program students will pay the tuition fees per credit hour, knowing that the full program tuition fees are no more and no less than 200,000
Graduate program credit hour fee is 4,762
Other Fees SAR
Fee for late registration (Third week of classes) 500
Late tuition processing fee 1000
Unofficial transcript Free
Student medical insurance (per academic year for expatriates) Upon Request
Student visa (for expatriates) (Not applicable for 1st year) Upon Request

Note: VAT is applicable

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