Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs comprises the Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Recruitment, Orientation, Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations, among other essential services to benefit our campus community.

Admissions & Financial Aid

Alfaisal University admits students from the University Preparatory Program, as well as graduates applying directly from high school. The Admissions office and the Office of Financial Aid are located in Alfaisal University Campus around the King Faisal Palace at Alma'athar area.


Alfaisal University recognizes that the transition to the university will be an adjustment to your personal, academic and social life.
We will help you navigate this first year by offering our new students an orientation session for both students and their families.
We will also offer a late orientation session in the first week of every academic year.
Orientation is designed to aid new students in their transition, assimilate them into the life of the Alfaisal University campus community, and introduce them to campus opportunities.
Critical components of orientation include an introduction to academic and student life, opportunities for new students to interact with faculty, staff, and continuing UPP students; and the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.
The orientation also provides information to each student's family.

Student Activities, Clubs & Organizations

As a member of Alfaisal University, we want to provide you with extracurricular activities that will integrate your academic, social, community and career experiences.
You, the new student, will have the opportunity to help shape the course for student activities, clubs, and organizations, according to your interests and talents.
Every student should play a part in this very important and formative process.

Student Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development provides leadership education — both in and out of the classroom. This program benefits Alfaisal University students, faculty, staff, administrators, and our local, regional, and international communities.
Leadership Development plays an important role in helping our students make the critical move from the classroom to the next phases of their lives. It develops key leadership skills through a variety of cutting-edge, interactive learning experiences and programs that include:

  • Corporate training techniques
  • Brainstorming
  • Goal Setting
  • Organization Fundraising
  • Recruiting new members
  • Values & Ethics
  • Budgeting
  • Group Dynamics
  • Effective Time Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivation
  • Effective communication
  • Diversity and working in a global workforce
  • Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)

Workshops, Classes & Events

Leadership Development offers custom-designed workshops for student organizations and facilitates courses and workshops with faculty across the campus to develop interactive formats for classes and laboratory experiences, as well as coordinating other special events. Leadership Development, along with its faculty colleagues and corporate affiliates, is committed to advancing practices that facilitate team work and integrity in the professional and personal lives of Alfaisal University graduates who become leaders of tomorrow.

Career Development

The Office of Career Development is designed to help you with career choices, internship programs, and assist with your academic experience.
We will offer a variety of services to you as you move from your sophomore year into your junior year and beyond. We can help you merge your academic and career goals and develop a plan that suits your life goals.
Every program major offered at Alfaisal University opens a myriad of career opportunities. Career identity development and career exploration are viewed as part of an on-going process that occurs throughout the lifespan and we will help you in narrowing your choices.

Career Development can help you

  • Determine how your values, interests, skills, passions, and sense of responsibility to the rest of the world are connected to your career decision making and planning.
  • Choose a career within your major.
  • Use career assessment instruments.
  • Explore what kind of work might be satisfying in your major.
  • Narrow your interests.
  • Research different occupations in your major.
  • Assist in your academic struggles.
  • Learn decision-making skills, especially as related to the significant choices of your career direction.
  • Explore other issues (stress, family, finances, etc.) which may make it difficult to focus on your academic career.

The majors offered at Alfaisal University are essential in our very competitive global economy. Alfaisal's goal is to build continuous and strong relationships with local, regional, and international businesses, educational and research institutions, and the medical and scientific world. As a part of that effort, we will provide internships for student participation.

Here are some benefits of internship:

Gain experience and confidence. Studying in your major is one thing; applying that knowledge to the "real world" is very different. Internships provide opportunities for you to use your education and practice it in reality.
Acquire real experience and put it on your resume.
Develop contacts and references. Working with professionals in your field of interest provides you with a network that can offer references, advice and information about new job opportunities.
Focus your career direction. Explore what you like and don't like. This is an opportunity to look into other fields if you find your interest may lie elsewhere.
Turn your internship into a future career. Many companies use their internship programs as one of their recruitment efforts. Working with interns gives them the chance to try out motivated, ambitious students before employing them. If you seem right for the job, the organization may make you a permanent job offer.

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