How to Register in Student Registration Portal
Review the Schedule of Courses to choose the courses you want, including backups.
Log on to Student Registration Portal (if you need assistance, contact Registration Helpdesk via Helpdesk or visit the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration).
Take care of any Registration Holds.
Create your schedule in Student Registration Portal
Print a copy of your schedule each time you register.

Registration Dates and Times

During the first two weeks of the registration period and throughout the online drop/add period, Alfaisal University regulates the registration system by utilizing assigned start and end times for registration sessions.

Registration is the systematic process that reserves seats in particular classes for eligible students. It is accomplished by following the steps announced by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration in advance of each semester’s registration period. Registration alone does not guarantee enrolment; nor does registration alone guarantee the right to participate in a class. In some cases, students need to obtain the approval of the instructor or of a representative of the department that offers a course.

Enrollmentis the completion of the registration process, and affords the full rights and privileges of student status. Enrollment is accomplished by the satisfaction of paying the tuition and fees and by the satisfaction of other obligations to the University.

First Two Weeks of the Registration

During the first two weeks of the registration is open to all students, Students cannot not access the Student Registration Portal registration system prior to the beginning of the registration period.

Drop Period

Students can access the Student Registration Portal repeatedly. Students cannot access Student Registration Portal registration prior to the beginning of the registration period. Online drop ends promptly at 11:59 pm on the final day of drop period. Students will not be allowed to log into Student Registration Portal registration after that time and will be held fee liable for all courses on their schedule.

Withdraw Period

Students withdraw from classes up to five weeks after the beginning of the semester through Banar Students may officially withdraw (W) from a class or all classes after the drop deadline through Student Registration Portal.  A “W” grade is recorded on the transcript and appropriate tuition/fees are assessed. The grade of "W" is not used in calculating the student's GPA.

Registration Tips
  1. Students should familiarize themselves with the Registration Policies and Guidelines (Can be found in more details in the Student Handbook). Understanding fully all registration aspects will definitely help avoiding any mistakes or confusion which might cause aggravating results.
  2. To learn how to use the Student Registration Portal and how to register courses via Student Registration Portal Manual.
  3. It is essential for students to refer to the University Academic Calendar for the adding and dropping periods.
  4. Plan your course selections in advance and consult with your academic adviser. If you exceed the time limits, the system will disconnect. If you time out, previously confirmed drops and adds will not be retained, and will be lost and you will have to log on again.
  5. While Student Registration Portal will guide you through course requirements, not all requirements are managed by Student Registration Portal. Check tour Undergraduate Catalog for your major's course requirements. Departments can drop you if you do not meet course requirements.
  6. If you do have to drop a course during online registration, do so before registration closes or you will be liable for fees.
  7. Variable credit courses require you to enter the number of credits. If you register for an incorrect number of credits, you must drop the course and add it again with the correct credits.
  8. English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Math requirements varies by colleges, not all sections of that course may meet the requirement. To verify if a particular section satisfies your college requirements requirement, please refer to the schedule of courses or consult your academic adviser.
  9. It is against the policy of the University for students to register for more than allowed credit hours or register classes on the same time regardless of the reason, the Registration Office will cancel the student registration immediately.
  10. Students who need assistance during registration can contact Registration Office via the Helpdesk or visit the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration offices in the first floor.

Taking a Course at Another University

If you wish to enrol at another university (host) and have those undergraduate credits transferred toward your Alfaisal degree, you must first fill the Taking a Course at Another University Electronic Form and be granted a permission by your College and the University Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.

Conditions and Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • The host university is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education if inside Saudi Arabia, or listed in the list of recognized foreign universities by the Saudi Ministry of Education.
  • You obtained the approval of the College Dean and the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions and Registration through the submission of the Taking a Course at Another University Electronic Form
  • You meet the course prerequisites for the course(s) you wish to enroll in at the host institution.
  • Course(s) completed and the issued Permission meet your program requirements.
  • You do not repeat courses already passed in Alfaisal.
  • You do not retake courses that you already failed in Alfaisal.
  • You are not taking major related courses (only electives courses are allowed).
  • You cannot take any other courses outside the University if you are taking the 12 credit hours in Fall and Spring semesters and 6 credit hours in the summer.
  • You cannot take any other courses outside the University if you are taking the 12 credit hours in Fall and Spring semesters and 6 credit hours in the summer.
  • You cannot take any course that is offered at Alfaisal University in the same semester.
  • You provide detailed course outlines to the corresponding College at Alfaisal University that include such information as:
    • course description
    • textbook information (author, title, edition, year of publication)
    • method of evaluation (e.g. two exams, 50% each)
    • breakdown of lectures per class with book chapters included
  • Should enrolment/registration circumstances change; that is, the course(s) you are requesting on the Taking a Course at Another University Electronic Form is (are) not available, you must re-apply for any replacement course(s).
  • An official transcript is forwarded in a sealed/signed envelope to the Office of the University Registrar at Alfaisal University as soon as final grades are available from the host institution.

  • According to University regulations, each person who completes registration is considered a student of the University during the semester for which they register, unless the student’s enrollment status is altered. No student registered in any college of the University shall at the same time be registered in any other school/college.
  • The privileges of the University are not available to any student until they have completed enrollment. A student who is not officially registered for a University course may not attend the course. No student may register after the stated period unless he or she obtains the consent, written or electronic, of the appropriate dean.
  • The University reserves the right to withhold the privilege of registration or any other University privilege from any person with an unpaid debt to the University. Students are also held accountable for absences incurred owing to late enrollment.