Students Transferring to Alfaisal University from other Universities

Alfaisal University welcomes students who want to transfer from other universities.
To complete your transfers, follow the simple 3 steps outlined below:

Step1. Admissions Criteria

  1. Studied at recognized university or college.
  2. Meet the College admissions criteria
  3. Submit original transcripts.
  4. Minimum 2.0 /4 or 3.0/5 GPA for all colleges, for College of Medicine 4.5/5 and for college of Clinical Pharmacy 3.5/5 or 2.5/4 .
  5. Credits Transfers must be approved initially by the prospective college in Alfaisal University, to which the student is joining and the total number of Credit Hours must not exceed 48 credit hours.
  6. A student can view credit transfer for the courses which are on Alfaisal University System on this link
Transferable Credit

Step 2- Admission Prerequisites

  1. Pay (non-refundable) 500 SAR (Excluded 5% VAT) as admissions fee and prepare electronic/scanned receipt:
  2. Bank Details
    Saudi British Bank (SABB)
    Alfaisal University
    Account Number: 154 000 111 002
    IBAN Number: SA39 4500 0000 1540 0011 1002

  3. Prepare a scanned copy for all the required documents found here:
  4. Please make sure that the file names are in English only
  5. For tips on how to scan paper Click Here

Step 3- Submit

  1. Complete the online Admission Application Form , you need to sign up for a new account using a valid email address so you can be able to complete the process. All notifications will be communicated via email messages.
  2. If all the requirements are completed, An e-mail will be sent to the student within 3 working days.
  3. For college of Medicine prospected students, once all requirements are completed, an interview will be arranged and then the student should expect a reply within a week.
  4. For other colleges apart from medicine, if all requirements are completed, an e-mail will be sent to the students within 3 working days.
  5. If the requirements are not completed, then the student will be notified and will be given 2 weeks to complete all missing requirements before he/she got the final reply about the admission results.
  6. Credit transfer must be approved initially by the prospective college in Alfaisal University, to which the student is joining & the total number of accepted credit hours must not exceed 48 Credit Hours:


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