Online Summer High School Enrichment Program

Alfaisal University 2020 Online Summer Enrichment High School Program is opening its doors to an extraordinary university experience. It's a three-week 75-hour adventure that gives high school students a chance to explore topics in Medicine, Engineering and selected topics in business.

Join us to meet classmates, inspiring mentors, and learn 21st century skills!

Dates: August 2nd - August 20th 2020
Cost: 2,588SR
Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 12 P.M - 5 P.M
Two Available Tracks
  1. Medical Academy (Registration is closed)
  2. Discover Engineering (Registration is closed)
For any inquiries contact:

1. Medical Academy (Registration is closed)

This is a three-weeks online program run by Medical faculty. The program focuses on medical subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and clinical skills while also providing an overview of relevant topics in research and project management. It also aims to enrich the students’ interpersonal and professional skills.

  • What lies below our skin? Let’s get acquainted with anatomy
  • What makes our bodies tick? Let’s understand the physiology of the human body
  • What is a disease? Let’s get an insight into pathological and biochemical changes behind common diseases
  • How to work with a team? Let’s practice through Problem Based Learning sessions.
  • Want to know the lingo? Let’s learn some medical terminology
  • Myasthenia gravis? Hydrocephalus? Myocardial infarction? We will discover them together
  • What rules bind our daily activities? Ethics, are they acquired or are we born with them?
  • How does medicine evolve? Let’s understand the fundamentals of medical research
  • How does business play out in solving contemporary healthcare dilemmas? Let’s explore core and high yield skills in the fields of Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship 

Come and join us online!

2. Discover Engineering (Registration is closed)

With the rising interest among the youth for strong job prospects, more students are thinking about a major in engineering. Engineering is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field that is constantly evolving and growing. If you are interested in engineering, science, and entrepreneurship, then joining the AUSED Discover Engineering Summer Program is a stellar way to learn more about the field and expand your knowledge and experience.

The AUSED Discover Engineering track teaches critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills for future engineers through experimentation, practice, and projects. Participants have the opportunity to explore several different areas of engineering during online simulations, design competitions, group projects, and presentation assessments.

This extensive track that runs for 3-weeks is a practice-based track with project management as a framework. A set of Project Management Skills for Life best practices are tested and evaluated through an on-going project throughout the track. There is a strong focus on team building and decision-making activities, as well as personal challenge exercises. Furthermore, guest speakers from local industries discuss career opportunities in engineering.

Take a peek into some of the great activities conducted during this 3-week program:

  • Automotive Engineering & The Build A Racecar Challenge.
  • Formula A Student & Shell-EcoMarathon Competitions.
  • 3D Modeling in SolidWorks Best Models.
  • Building A Tower Challenge & Bridge Building Activities (Spaghetti Model & Poly Bridge Game)
  • Mobile application development: Best Application Design & Best Game Development.
  • Code Monkey Challenge.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Matlab Programming Challenge.
  • Best Practices in Project Management Cross-Tracks Competition.

Come and join us online!

Terms & Conditions

  1. No refund requests will be accepted after registration.
  2. Registration emails should contain the students full name as they are not subject to change
  3. Transfers made without submitting an online application will not be accepted nor refunded
  4. Students must abide by Alfaisal University Students Handbook