Alfaisal has many scholarship programs available to students that are Merit-based (excellence in academic performance) and Financial need-based. The following outlines the scholarship opportunities available to new students applying to Alfaisal, please note that scholarships are yearly based and being awarded by the begining of each academic year.

At Alfaisal University scholarships are an essential part of recruiting and supporting our finest students. The world's best universities recruit the world's finest students. We believe in supporting these students so they can focus and excel in their studies and research as this is vital to the success of both the students and the university.

Alfaisal has developed a comprehensive system of scholarships that will provide the opportunity for qualified students regardless of economic situation to attend the university, develop into world-class scholars and researchers, and significantly contribute to the well-being future of our kingdom and the region.

+1- MOE Scholarships (Saudi Students)

  • Ministry of Education Scholarships for Saudi Students:-
    • a. Undergraduate Program:-
      • - Student must not be employed in a full or part time job
      • - Acceptance into the University Preparatory Program, or acceptance as a direct admission into Alfaisal University
      • - A “very Good” Grade or above in High School certificate.
      • - Qudurat & Tahseely are required as follow:-
        • -College of Medicine: 70 Qudurat, 70 Tahseely, and other colleges 65 Qudurat, 65 Tahseely.
      • - High school certificate date must not exceed two years .
    • b. Postgraduate Program:-
      • - Student must not be employed in a full or part time job
      • - A “Very Good” grade or above in the bachelor degree.
      • - TOEFL IBT, (450) Or IELTS (4)

    For more information about MoE Scholarship, Please visit

    MoE decides scholarships amount, duration and requirements. Also MoE has the right to change it any time without further notice.

    * Undergraduate Saudi students' tuition is covered (100%) and Graduate Saudi students' tuition is covered (94%) in combination with Ministry of Education (MoE) scholarship's program, if applicable.

    *MoE covers the minimum period required for graduation (i.e. two years to postgraduates)

    *Student must apply for a scholarship through

    +2- Need-Based Scholarships, (King Faisal Foundation Scholarships "Prince Sultan Program")

    King Faisal Foundation has developed a scholarships program to help the outstanding students from all around the countries who have financial difficulties to achieve their academic goals based on the following basis.

    Criteria (Bachelor & Master):

      Student must confirm his admission acceptance (paying seat confirmation fees and submitting the original documents) before 09/07/2015.

      Providing a proof of financial need.

    1. Academic Achievements (merit-based criteria) as an additional factor:-
    • - High school GPA.
    • - Standardized tests (Qudurat, Tahseely, SAT I, SAT II, AS & A level tests).
    • - English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL).

      Special skills, educational talent or social creative ideas will be taken in consideration.

      Only the top candidates will be awarded, based on scholarship criteria and the fund availability.


    Application Process:

      In the Online Admission Application Form, you must check “I want to apply for Need-Based Scholarship” and fill the required fields. Applicants will be contacted later to complete their Scholarship applications by providing the Required Documents; the required documents must be available at the time of submitting the online application, so that they can be submitted when requested.

    Scholarships Coverage (of Tuition Fees):

      Bachelor: Between 50% to 100%

      Master: 100%


    Required Documents:-

      Fill “Need-Based Form” and upload it in the Admission Online Application.

      Recent salary certificate stamped and signed from work place showing basic salary and all allowances

      Family ID card.

    +3- Merit-Based Scholarships, (Alfaisal University Scholarships):


      Nomination for Merit Based scholarships is available only for Bachelor students if they meet the following criteria:




        American System: 2 courses are required for SAT II (excluding Math I).

        Current students (AU & UPP students) will be evaluated based on the above criteria in the end of every spring semester.

    Application Process:

      Merit Scholarships is now automatic, there is no scholarship application. All you need to do is to confirm your admission acceptance (paying seat confirmation fees & submitting the original documents) before 09/07/2015.


    Scholarships Coverage (of Tuition Fees):

      Bachelor: 50%

    Important Remarks (for both Merit & Need Based scholarships):

    1. Scholarships fund is limited; being nominated for a scholarship doesn’t mean being awarded a scholarship, priority will be given to students with the highest scores.

    2. Students who don’t meet the scholarship criteria may be considered for a scholarship and will be put on a waiting list. If there is a surplus in scholarships fund, then it will be distributed to a waiting list based on Merit basis.

    3. Student cannot get both Need & Merit-Based scholarships at the same time.

    4. Scholarships Office will evaluate your performance (CGPA) by the end of every Fall & Spring semester. Summer Semesters CGPA will not be evaluated.

    5. Granted students must attain a minimum cumulative GPA to maintain their scholarship (the minimum required CGPA will be determined in the Scholarship Award Letter). If a student fails to attain it for two different semesters, the scholarship will be terminated.

    +4- Dean's List

    These scholarships are available for tuition paying students who meet the following criteria:

    -Student must finish at least 30 CH of AU courses (UPP courses are excluded).
    -Students must obtain a CGPA of 3.75/4.00 or above by the end of spring semester.

    Granted students will be covered with 20% of year tuition fees.

    +5- Sibling Discount

    - All siblings must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree in Alfaisal University.
    - The sibling discount is applicable to tuition fees only.
    - The sibling discount will not be applied if there is an outstanding balance.
    - The sibling must provide the evidence of relationship.
    - Sibling Discount Form should be filled the student and submitted to Scholarships Office.
    - 15% discount will be granted only to the second and each successive sibling.

    +Duration of Scholarship

    The student must maintain scholarship requirements throughout his study to sustain the scholarship. The scholarship will continue until the student graduates from Alfaisal University and will cover:

    • -One year at the University Preparatory Program.
    • -Four years at the College of Engineering, Business, or Science.
    • -Five years at the College of Medicine.

    +Change Of Specialization

    The student is not permitted to change his major without approval from the Academic Dean of the concerned college and the Scholarship Awards Committee.

    +Termination of Scholarship

    The Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance may terminate the student's scholarship on the recommendation of the department, college and the Scholarship Committee under the following conditions:

    1. 1. Unsatisfactory academic progress according to Point 4.
    2. 2. Personal or disciplinary issues that prevent continued attendance as reported by the Dean of Admission and Registration.
    3. 3. Voluntary termination of the scholarship and withdrawal from the University.


    +Contact information

    The Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance
    Student Affairs, Alfaisal University,
    Riyadh, Takhassusi Street
    (behind King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center)
    P.O. Box 50927, Riyadh 11533,
    Telephone: 920000570
    Fax: +966 (1) 2157831
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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